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reception/sign in 1

This room is part of a 100 bedroom, state-of-the-art aged care facility. The aged care home recently underwent a 18 month refurbishment. Exuding old world charm, we restored the building to preserve its heritage listing, originally built in1861.  The reception/sign in was kept the closest to it’s original version. The restored features include lofty ceilings giving a sense of space, original joinery and timber floors and sweeping staircase with detailed timber finishes.

reception/sign-in 2
reception/sign in 3
entry 1
private dining 1

Located in the heritage (Victorian) part of the building we restored, knocked down walls and designed a new ceiling for this room and chose a feature pendant that was striking yet subtle. We specified wall paper which was a map of the world so residents could look at it and talk about where they may have travelled earlier in their lives. Some of the furniture we specified was custom made too and was purposely equipped with furniture and fittings familiar to the age and generation.

private dining 2
private dining 3
private dining 4
private dining 5
cinema 1

We came up with a quirky joinery design to the facade which mimics what an Art Deco Cinema looked like in the 1930s. We even included a ticket booth! It’s healing and helpful for the residents with dementia and aids in control and balance of stimuli. We also included heavy Red velvet look curtains, traditional to a cinema and we made sure we specified lazy-boy looking but aged care specific chairs to ensure a comfortable experience whilst watching a favourite movie.

cinema 2
cinema 3
cinema 4
cinema 5
cinema 6
hairdresser 1

This room is inspired by a1940s hair salon. It has a feeling of sophistication and elegance when you first enter the space. The joinery we designed has a classic yet contemporary feel to it as we mixed contemporary finishes with a more traditional design which is accentuated by the natural light that floods the room. It is equipped with furniture and fittings familiar to the age and generation of the residents & a perfect place for the residents to sit & have their hair done with a cup of tea.

hairdresser 2
hairdresser 3
activities 1

The activities room is an important space for aged care residences. Engagement in social and leisure activities is an indicator of quality of life and well-being. By having a choice of activities and activities that amount to something is important for improving a sense of independence and positive self-image in aged care residents. Activities can provide a sense of purpose when residents produce something, use their skills from former work, or make a contribution.

activities 2

Residents who suffer from dementia express positive affect much more often during times of activity than during unoccupied time however activities can be frustrating and uninteresting unless they fit the individual competencies and skills of persons with dementia

library 1

We designed and fitted out the library with the intention to create an ‘old world’ feel as well as wanting it to be a familiar building style, that is domestic and home like. The design is meant to aid and be helpful and healing for the residents with dementia too.

library 2
library 3
cafe 1

This room is part of the heritage building we restored. We kept the ornate ceilings and original fireplace, incorporating it into the joinery. We laid a chevron timber look vinyl floor in keeping with Victorian features. We wanted it to feel inviting and create a sense of the outdoors, indoors so we built in 2 vertical gardens on either side of the window and used lots of fresh and light natural timbers in our joinery design, finishes and furniture.

cafe 2
cafe 3
cafe 4
cafe 5
cafe 6
living 1
living 2
living 3
sitting area 1
sitting area 2
sitting area 3
dining 1
dining 2
dining 3
dining 4
dining 5
bedroom 1

We wanted the residents bedrooms to have “domestic character” & decorated to identify its purpose & function in a similar manner to an average home and also to be a comforting and a cozy space to reside in. In order to achieve this we designed the joinery so it could house reasonable amount of personal belongings. We also specified soft timber finishes mixed with marble and a neutral color pallet. This was also purposely done so residents can bring & add their own touch

bedroom 2
bedroom en suite 1
bedroom en suite 2
day spa 1

This room has a 3m high ceiling and is part of a heritage house, we wanted this space to feel fresh and inviting & calming like day spa, a space that is the perfect place for residents to get a manicure or pedicure or relax & have a massage. We achieved this through the use of soft natural color timbers specified in our joinery finishes, a feature wall in green as it relates to balance and harmony with sophisticated accents of marble and brass also used in the joinery finishes and furniture

day spa 2
day spa 3
day spa 4
day spa 5
day spa 6
family room 1

The family room is intentionally bright and cheerful. It's a space families come to spend the day or night when their loved ones are in palliative care or very ill.

family room 2


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